Where can i buy Cellojen products?

Cellojen products are available exclusively through pharmacies.

How can I find out what ingredients are in a product?

The European Community has required the cosmetics industry to write all ingredients on each product for greater transparency. The full list of ingredients is listed on the packaging of all Cellojen products.

Once opened how long will my product remain fresh?

Please refer to the packaging of your product where you will see an illustration of a jar with a number on it. This is the period after opening date which conveys, in months, when the product is set to expire once it is opened.

What is the shelf life of Cellojen products?

Please refer to the packaging of your products where you will see the letters ‘EXP’ and a date below indicating the product expiry date.

What kind of product safety testing do you do?

Our professional safety assessments are based on the relevant criteria laid down in the European legislation and by recognized expert bodies. We test each of our product using special test methods to ensure that they pose no threat to health and are compatible with the skin.

Why has my favorite Cellojen product been discontinued?

We are sorry for discontinuing your favorite Cellojen product. Please have in mind that when we discontinue a product it is not done impulsively. Cellojen is an innovative company that is always at the forefront of skincare, we have to withdraw certain products to allow for new, exciting products each year.

Can you send samples of your products?

If you are interested in trying our Cellojen cosmetics and skincare products, please visit one of our authorised points of sales but please have in mind that usually a purchase is needed in order to get a sample of the product you wish to try. We kindly remind you that Cellojen products are distributed only through pharmacies.

How Can I find out about Cellojen gift products?

Everyone loves a Cellojen gift product! The Cellojen gifts often include sample sizes and even full-sizes of Cellojen products. Cellojen gifts are a great way to try new products or enjoy travel sizes and you can have them with your Cellojen purchases. Please ask your closest Cellojen point of sale for the gift offers are running now.